Cole Imagine for Line

"Baby, I’m home." Cole hollered as he slammed the front door of his shared apartment. "Hey honey." Line smiled as she walked up to greet her boyfriend. "How was your day?" She asked as she took his coat and bags and set them in their correct places. "It was okay, I’m really glad to be home." He kissed her cheek. "By the way, I have a little something for you." Cole reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a long plastic case covered with black velvet. Line gasped, pulling her hands up to her mouth in shock. "Queens wear crowns, and you’re the queen of my life, so here is your crown." He said, opening the case to reveal a beautiful¬†necklace. “Cole, you didn’t.” She smiled. “Oh, but I did, dear. 18 carat diamonds placed tightly into a 23 carat white gold frame.” Cole smiled as he pulled it lightly around Line’s neck, slowly clasping the two pieces of the chain together. “It’s beautiful.” She mumbled, looking at herself in the mirror behind the door. “Just like you.” Cole whispered as he wrapped his hands around her waist. She turned around to swing her hands around his neck, only to step in a puddle of water coming from Cole’s shoes. She pulled away, sighing. “God damn it, Cole.” She said, walking away. “What?” He looked at her like she was crazy. “I just cleaned up in here, and here you go tracking mud and water into my clean home.” Line started to raise her voice. “I fucking knew it! You always do this.” Cole threw his hands up in defeat. “What?” She asked. “Every time I do something nice for you, you always find a way to be mad about it.” He yelled. “Oh right, it’s always my fault.” She rolled her eyes. “Maybe if you would stop being such a bitch for ten seconds, you would know that I never said that.” Cole yelled. “What did you just call me?” Line turned around. “Did I fucking stutter?” Cole sneered. “Get out.” She pushed him. “I pay the mortgage on this place, you get out.” Cole swung the door open. “I said leave.” Line threw a stack of CD’s at him. “Don’t you fucking throw my shit at me, you crazy bitch.” Cole screamed in Line’s face, holding her wrists to prevent her from hitting him. “Let me go, you bastard.” She broke free and punched him repeatedly in the face. “Get out of my fucking house.” She forcibly ushered him to the door. “Fine, I’ll leave. But don’t expect me to come back anytime soon. Have a nice life, you cold-hearted bitch.” Cole said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a tiny box, throwing it across the room before slamming the door and stomping down the hallway. Line sighed, brushing her hands through her hair before walking over to the fireplace, picking up the picture of the two that Cole had broken when he threw the box. She cleaned up the glass and picked up the box, opening it and finding inside, a beautiful diamond ring. She sat on the couch in awe for the remainder of the night, silently repeating to herself as the salty tears streamed down her face, “I’m so sorry.”